LED Pacman Build (Video)

Build Pictures
Pacman Build

Layout for Hole Spacing. Matching the LED Strip Spacing.
getting ready

Wall Layout and Holes Marked.
backboard markup

Walls Cut and Placed on Board to Verify Spacing.
wall checking

Started Painting Walls.
back paint

Started Painting Backboard.
(yes, i am pissed that the grid marks are showing through)
backboard 1

Backboard with Walls Ready to Mount.
backboard 2

Installing LED Strip on back.
led strip

Diffusers used in front of LEDs.

Z80 Computer in Breadboard Form
work bench

Schematic for the Z80 Computer that will run the Board.
work bench

PCB Layout to be sent to Fab.
work bench

PCB Back From Fab.
work bench

PCB Populated.
work bench

After Thoughts - Adding Scoreboard and Pac-Man Marquee

add on
score board

Almost Done.